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Cleaning of signs and banners

In a world where business has to be on top of its game it is important to keep your image.  The cleaning of signs and banners are one of the ways to not only make the sign last longer but to built the image of your company.  

 The sign is there to be the first impression of your company and should be in tip top condition.  Signs collect lots of dust and when it rains the water and dust makes a mess of your sign.  If left the sun burns an uneven pattern on the sign and shortnes the life of a expensive asset.

 Signs should be cleaned every 3 mounths and taken care of to make it last longer.  The process is simple and can be done by anyone.  Just take clean water and a soft cloth to remove the most dust and grime.   PLEASE DO NOT USE HEAVY SOAP that can dammage the survace as printed signs can easily be spoiled by some chemicals.  After the sign has been washed and dried we can make it shine like new with Mr Min or Duster plus regular by spraying some on a soft dry cloth and polishing it to its former glory.