Epila specialize in billbords and can make any size that you need. .

It is a good idea to make a doublesided billboard next to a busy street. This cost effective board of 4mx3m with twin poles will catch the eye

billboards1.jpg billboards2.jpg billboard_5.jpg billboarard_4.jpg billboard_5.jpg billboard.jpg building_billboards.jpg building_billboard_2.jpg Lardge_billboard_m.jpg westend_lb.jpg 09062010116 Copy-3605.jpg 10042013274-2379.jpg 12042010073-1887.jpg IMG0046-232.JPG pohl bord-2296.jpg 12c47e8e69524b5eb923ec41be26c15f-4308.JPG 9348cd197dcc408c894d7cf660a90ee8-1902.JPG 9f1fb31439e5401c9427b4a53dc251bb-4570.JPG c9ea8f38ccc64c1aa5d191473f17d866-761.JPG 04-4355.jpg


38mx4m  Developmentboard on a building site with a flex face and alloy finish.