If you have some special request for a spesific advertising plan, we can make it work for you like we did for Shoprite.We were asked by Shoprite to build custom Advertising trailors to trailbehind bicycle. Since then we have build more than 100 of these for the Northen region and maintained them.

Epila is committed to manufacture any special item that you would require. We build this promotion trailer for a company that needed a trailer that can setup in 5 minutes. The idea is to be fully mobile in a short space of time and be very visible during promotions. The trailer is fitted with a sound system and cooking facility. The promoter can also do his sales pitch over the microphone.

epila_gallery12.jpg bigsave_trolly.jpg 003_Bremer_mills___Copy13241.JPG 006_Bremer_mills_13241.JPG 007_Bremer_Mills_13241.JPG


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