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Flex face, Perspex and fabricated


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Many business owners uses light boxes to advertise there products or services at the location they are in.  The following questions need to be asked when you decide to use a light box.

1.Do I have the correct location for my light box?

2.What size should my light box be?

3.Am I only advertising my brand or am I using the light box for information?

4.Can my potential customers read my message easily?

5.Will my customers have time to read my message?

We can ask allot more questions on this subject but I would just like you to think about it first.  Make sure that you spend your money wisely.


The best way to make a light box is with an aluminum recast called Maywest.  We.  The 150mm  deep box with a Chromadex backing and one of 3 types of faces.

Flexfac which is a backlit pvc is stretched over a steel frame with a aluminum finish.

Perspex which we stick a full color printed vinyl on and

Fabricated letters that is made from perspex with vinyl to give the color

 The lights we use is a 220v cost neon tube that gives a bright light.


 Remember the right size for the right location with the right message to your target market.  With light boxes, size do count.

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